Youth Ambassadors

Are you a young adult who is passionate about a social issue? Got innovative solutions?
Then an exciting opportunity awaits you!  

The World Women's Health and Development Forum is pleased to announce accepting applications
for the Youth Ambassador starting September 15th 2014.  

The Youth Ambassador is for female and male Youth - age between 21 to 29 years.

The Forum's Executive Team will select 10 Youth Ambassadors to work with the World Women's
Health and Development Forum Team to implement a strategic plan that addresses social issues
within communities. Moreover, the Youth Ambassadors will represent the Forum at National, Regional
and International events and meetings for two years.

Send your CV, two recommendation letters, and personal statement on your vision of Women's Health
for Sustainable Development to i
Get Involved
Nour El Assaad is one of the fastest growing female social activists in Lebanon
and the region. Graduating at the age of 19 and occupying the position of a
Marketing Manager at one of the most significant companies of its kind at the age
of 21 , El Assaad continues to pass down neat awareness and experience to
upcoming generations.

She dedicated her time to both her career life and a platform in which she
addressed various institutions in Lebanon to raise awareness concerning bullying.  
Being the founder of No Label ME, an anti-bullying movement in Lebanon, El
Assaad has expanded her scope of work to be tackling issues related to Women
Health and Development on an international scale.

Nour w
as the first selected Youth Ambassador in Lebanon. The energy and
enthusiasm of El Assaad will be invested in expanding the horizons of Woman’s
Health and Development locally and regionally.
world women's
health and development
RASIT    Contact
Sigrid Semerdjian
Youth Activist
Sigrid Semerdjian, a self-made person, Social Activist, attended many seminars
and workshops on Human Rights, gender equality, women empowerment, and
juveniles’ protection.
Melted in the Scouts life and its values since she was 8 years old, managed and
lead groups, member of: SIREL (stands for LOVE in Armenian language), it is our
family charity organization, that cares for old age people; Children of Mary, also a
charity organization that cares for poor and hungry people; and Rosary Group, an
association caring for orphans.

Sigrid is highly involved in the jobless assistance for any person in need for a job,
tackled the hospitality sector and earned a 4 years experience in front office and
back office.  She is currently working in the Insurance field as management
support and tackling the refugees’ problem.   

Sigrid holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, emphasis marketing
from the Lebanese Canadian University.

Sigrid enthusiasm clearly emphasize the role of youth in sustainable development.