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Membership Responsibilities

A member / partner of the Forum is expected to:

  • Promote the Forum, and advocate for the advancement of women's health and development of women;

  • Support the implementation of the Forum's objectives and contribute directly or indirectly to implement
    activities, and to achieve results defined in the Forum's work plan;

  • Work on promoting and building networks and relationships with other members and consult with them
    globally, regionally and nationally;

  • Review the Forum's work plan and contribute to its development and implementation;

  • Contribute time, effort and/or resources to the Forum's activities, if possible, e.g., direct funding and/or in-
    kind contributions including technical expertise, staff time, assistance with media and networking,
    support for other members’ attendance at forums and other activities and events, etc.;

  • Participate in the Forum's consultations and requests for information and feedback as required; and
  • Share knowledge regularly and contribute to the Forum's efforts to disseminate information through:
  • contribution of stories, activities, updates, best practices, reports, projects, events and news
    related to women in science issues or related fields; and
  • contribution of resources for the Forum's website.
  • Update the Forum's Secretariat of any relevant changes in your entity’s profile, focal points or
    contact details.
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