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Membership Benefits

The main value-added of the Forum is that it brings together Individuals, Civil Society, Institutions, and
Multilateral Organization focused on science, gender equality, education, research and other related topics to
women's health and development. The Forum member / partners can benefit from their membership in several

Events and Networking

  • Opportunities for members to partner with a wide range of stakeholders on events and other initiatives to
    advance a common science, education, research and gender equality agendas, including governments,
    United Nations and its entities,agencies and other multilateral agencies, professionals, civil society,
    private sector and other partners.

  • The opportunity to jointly advocate for issues related to advancement of women's health and
    empowerment Women in Science.

  • The opportunity to attend and contribute to the United Nations meetings, and our Partners’ activities and

  • The opportunities to meet key professionals and policy-makers in STEM, health, economy, etc, through
    the Forum’s meetings, events and activities.

  • Regular news and updates on the Forum's website to facilitate sharing of new ideas and best practices,
    provision of data and other information.

  • The opportunity to attend and participate in networking events, and to meet People in influential positions


  • The listing of your name/ organization in the Forum’s on-line Directory database.

  • A web link on the Forum's website to your- / your- organization’s website.

  • The ability to send your own or your organization’s news, articles, publications, press releases, events,
    and notes from the field for posting on the Forum's website and other relevant international agencies'

  • The use of RASIT and the Forum logos might be authorized if appropriate, on joint communication
    materials (prior agreement/authorization by the Forum's Secretariat and the RASIT Executive Board).

  • Access to knowledge and new resources.

  • Free access to the Forum and RASIT, United Nations and its entities news and other knowledge
    documents / events on the website.

  • Regular electronic updates of headlines and breaking news about women's health, funding opportunities,
    women, science, innovation and sustainable development from around the world.

  • A 50% discount (for professionals and partners) and free access (for students) to other RASIT activities
    (when applicable).
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