HRH Princess Dr. Nisreen Bint Prince Mohammed Bin King Faisal (I) Bin El-Sharif Hussein El-Hashemite’s
origins combine history, religion, politics and education, since she is from the Hashemite Family; the
Princess Nisreen is the granddaughter of King Faisal (I) Bin El-Sharif Hussein, the first King of Iraq and
founder of the Modern State of Iraq, where the Iraqi Nation with all of its diversified ethnic origins and
religions for the first time, in its history became united under the King’s leadership and his commitment to
democratic values, implemented through education, tolerance, mutual respect, and upholding good
relations between neighboring and other international countries.

Following in the steps of her ancestors, and vowing to preserve the traditions of her family; Princess Dr.
Nisreen not only dedicated herself to serving mankind, but also is an internationally recognized medical
doctor and scientist and winner of awards in the fields of science, arts, literature, and humanitarian

  • The first Royal Princess in the world to be qualified in science and medicine, with a Bachelor of
    Biomedical Sciences, Master of Science, Medical Doctorate (MD) and a Doctorate of Philosophy
    (PhD) in Human Genetics.

  • Published several scientific papers & studies as original investigations and is the author of four

  • As a medical doctor and scientist at University College London, she developed techniques for
    diagnosing single gene disorders from one cell (a technique known as Pre-implantation Genetic
    Diagnosis) that is now in use as a preventive procedure in more than 100 centers worldwide; and
    at Brigham and Women’s Hospital - Harvard Medical School, conducted research on sex
    differences in tuberous sclerosis related cancers, which will lead to new therapeutic strategies and
    early detection of major types of cancer through accurate blood tests.

  • The Founder President of the Women in Science International League.

  • The Founder President of Jeans 4 Genes International.

  • A Co-Founder of Culture for Peace Program.

  • The First artist to use Arabic / Turkish coffee for paintings.  All proceedings of Her Highness ‘s Art
    Collection, known as “Wonders of Coffee”, are used to finance El-Sharifa Fatima El-Hashemite
    Trust Fund for Children and Motherhood.

In 2007, Princess Nisreen left her scientific career at Harvard Medical School, to which she was very
committed, to devote herself to serving Science Technology & Medicine Education and Research in the
world, throughout RASIT and its programs.

Currently, she is working on establishing an International Institute of Medicine and Public Health for
Science and Innovation in the MENA Region. She also is working on serving the children and women of
Iraq in particular and those in need of help in all aspects of their lives.

At present, Princess Dr Nisreen is the Executive Director of the
Royal Academy of Science
International Trust (RASIT), and President of the Women in Science International League.
“The Western Eastern and Northern
Southern Dialogue cannot remain
restricted to one domain, but should
be extended to broader vistas.  The
Dialogue has to move to Science
Education Culture and Arts. Thus
International Peace & Tolerance will
be implemented only through
creating different aspects of
collaboration between individuals
and organizations that indeed will
help in narrowing the gap between
developed and the developing
HRH Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite
November 16th 1995, London – UK
From a speech given in Celebrating 50
years for establishing UNESCO in the
presence of the Director General Mr. F.
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