The Forum’s programme is intended to reflect women’s health needs and the necessity for
comprehensive global policy.  The objectives and discussion topics of the Forum have been
prepared in close cooperation with the United Nations and its agencies in order to ensure action-
oriented results. In this way, the Forum will provide substantial input into the official discussions
taking place at a global level, which will seek to:

  • Provide a platform for world community leaders, healthcare professionals and scientists to
    map the complexity and interconnectivity of our changing world; and

  • Develop the insights, initiatives and actions necessary to respond to current and emerging
    challenges in public health, with an emphasis on women’s health as a platform for global

The Forum includes opening and closing ceremonies and plenary sessions. The two-day
programme is rich in content, featuring discussions on various topics.

Topics include policy development, women’s varying states of economic status, and the
empowerment of women. This includes an exploration of the impact of the media on public health
through film, TV and social media and how it can be utilised to advance women’s health and
development globally.

Women’s mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle will be discussed in an effort to identify the
perceptions and considerations given to mental health and stress-related difficulties. This will
take into account nutrition, exercise, sleep, rest, medicine, work–life balance and the perceptions
of these based on cultural differences and socio-economic disparities. The psychological impact
of war on women within a community and military context will also be addressed through these
various lenses.

Research and Development will examine the inclusion of women in clinical research as well as the
private sector’s social responsibility in supporting research. It will also generate sustainable,
innovative funding solutions to further women’s health and development research.

The closing session of the programme will focus on the Challenges and Opportunities in the
United Nations Post-2015 Development Framework, and the presentation of a Declaration that
defines an ambitious and inspiring “Action Agenda” on women’s health for sustainable
Program Description
The Inaugural World Women's Health and Development Forum

11 - 12 February 2015
United Nations Headquarters
Post - 2015: Desired Outcomes

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