Concept Note
Since the Millennium Summit in 2000, the United Nations, governments, civil society and other
stakeholders have been engaged in an historic enterprise to achieve the Millennium Development
Goals and are now defining a new Sustainable Development Agenda for 2015–2030.

The year 2015 holds the promise of being the point of transition to a bold, new generation of
people-centred and planet-sensitive development and the beginning of a strong movement for
transformational change. Constituencies working on climate change, sustainable development,
effective development cooperation, environment, economic justice, human rights and gender
equality must come together to strengthen and create new goals if we are to achieve an historic,
new social contract that reflects a strong and radical narrative of hope and transformation.

The World Women’s Health and Development Forum is an opportunity to bring together the vast
diversity of United Nations, governments, civil society representation, constituencies and
campaigns during the 69th Session of the General Assembly, when critical decisions will be made
by governments about advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda.

The Forum shall provide an inclusive space for the expression of a diversity of views, with a focus
on ensuring that marginalised voices are heard. It is an opportunity for scientific and healthcare
professionals as well as civil society to come together to support the Post-2015 negotiations, and
contribute to a successful Post-2015 Agenda and its implementation, including through informed
and constructive dissenting opinions.

A Forum Declaration that defines an ambitious, inspiring and concrete “Action Agenda” on women’
s health and sustainable development shall be produced building upon and advancing a global
movement comprised of diverse mobilisation campaigns, advocacy strategies, partnerships and
accountability frameworks. This Declaration will be widely shared with UN system, Member-States,
global civil society and other stakeholders.
The Inaugural World Women's Health and Development Forum

11 - 12 February 2015
United Nations Headquarters
Post - 2015: Desired Outcomes

Watch the Inaugural Forum on United Nations Web TV
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