The Inaugural World Women's Health and Development Forum

11 - 12 February 2015
United Nations Headquarters
Post - 2015: Desired Outcomes
‘Each year, millions of women and
children die from preventable
causes. These are not mere
statistics. They are people with
names and faces. Their suffering
is unacceptable in the 21st

After all, investing in women’s
health and rights is not only the
right thing to do; it is the smart
thing to do...

Working together, we can and will
make a life-changing difference for
the future of humanity.”
    Mr. Ban Ki-moon
    Secretary General
    United Nations
"Improving women’s health is a
critical element of sustainable
development. UNDP’s work in
gender equality, alongside its
work at the intersection of health
and development, remain a high
priority. It is a basic human right
for women to enjoy full legal
equality along with equality of
opportunity, and for girls born
today, regardless of country, to
have the same life prospects as
boys. This includes the right to
health care and services,
including sexual and reproductive
    Mrs. Helen Clark
    Administrator, UNDP

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“Allow me to congratulate you on the
creation of this Forum designed to
address the links between women’s
health and sustainable development.  

From the Overview of the programme,
with its focus on health economics, health
disparities and health systems and
innovation, the event promises to yield
useful outcomes as a contribution to the
discussions on the Post-2015
Development Agenda”.

    Mr. Sam K. Kutesa
    President of General Assembly  
    United Nations

"We, participants in the Inaugural World Women’s Health and
Development Forum, call upon all stakeholders, including
Member States, the UN system, civil society, the private sector,
academia and other relevant stakeholders to..."

“I am confident that this Forum will
contribute to global endeavors to improve
the health of women and girls, at a time
intergovernmental negotiations are being
held to identify sustainable development
for the 2015-2030 period.

I believe that by taking preventive and
protective measures, increasing
consciousness for women’s health and
making health facilities accessible for
everyone, it is possible to avoid
undesirable circumstances.  

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude
to the Royal Academy of Science
International Trust (RASIT) for their
contribution and responsible approach
towards the issue”.

    Emine Erdogan
    First Lady, Republic of Turkey
"Congratulations for adopting this
comprehensive and very important
Declaration, I am sure this Declaration will
contribute to the next WHO World Health
Assembly and will have an important input in
the next United Nations General Assembly
when world leaders will meet to take action
for the Post 2015 Development Agenda...
We are here to support this Declaration we
adopted and build on it ."
    H.E. Ms. Lakshmi Puri
    Assistant Secretary General, Deputy
    Executive Director of UN Women
world women's
health and development
RASIT    Contact
“Women’s Health is essential
for the achievement of Gender
Equality, the realization of
women’s empowerment and the
fulfillment of their human rights.  
It enables women to benefit fully
from education, training and
productive work, and to
participate in social, political and
economic life.”
    Dr. Babatunde
    Executive Director,
"This Forum brought together an
amazing group of global policy makers
and practitioners and inspired the
International Community to make a
difference for humanity".
Mr. Amir Dossal
Founder and
Chairman of Global
Partnerships Forum
“This Forum discussed different aspects on
the important role of women in sustainable
development process including health,
economic, social and other significant
To implement this declaration, important
steps are needed at national and
international levels starting with World
Women's Health and Development Institute,
and further collaboration with the United
Nations entities and member states.”
    H.E. Ms. Veronika Skvortsova
    Minister of Health
    Russian Federation
"This Forum gave us all a very
good opportunity for exchange of
knowledge and expertise between
various nations, various cultures
and various ages, particularly
when listening to youth speeches..
I really appreciate what we
learned and achieved together
here, and also that the
development and empowerment
of women is our role together.
We need more follow up
meetings in order to take concrete
steps to implement this

    Hon. Minister Dr. Helena Dalli
    Ministry of Social Dialogue,
    Consumer Affairs and Civil
    Liberties, Malta
“We have to celebrate what we achieved in
this Forum.
However, we have a lot to do in the following
months and years to deliver and to insure
sustainability of development for women and
all human kind.
I would like to thank Princess Nisreen El-
Hashemite for the energy and dedication to
make this world a better place for girls and
    H.E. Mrs. Marta Arsovska Tomovska
    Deputy Minister
    Ministry of Information Society and
    Administration, the Former Yugoslav
    Republic of Macedonia
"There are a lot of challenges, but the
opportunities are more, and we need
to take a big leap today rather than
tomorrow, for the Future we want...
Only together we can make a
    Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite
“It is very encouraging this kind of
engagement in the United Nations,
because it enriches the debate beyond
what we hear in the political debates in
this great organization..  Too many
meetings consists of speeches at the
UN, and these speeches are important,
but all of us has noticed that the
participants in this Forum brought not
only ideas but brought a certain passion
and a deep commitment to the issue of
women’s health and development, it is
that passion that is sometimes lacking
in the great halls of the UN organization..
I would like to congratulate Princess
Nisreen El-Hashemite and the Royal
Academy of Science International Trust
for having been able to succeed when
others have flopped in the past”.
    Mr. Nikil Seth, Director,
    Division of Sustainable, UN